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When you get ask to verify yourself

This goes to both ladies and gents.

There are multiple verify accounts on all panty site that are not who they post.

There’s also kiddos running around.

If a legit, reviewed buyer or seller asks you to verify yourself, don’t get upset.

I want to make sure i’m working with an adult and/or legit user.


Are you saying through the SP process or a separate verification?

When anyone asks you to verify that you’re real


Great point. I always ask for verification if someone does not have onsite verification.
Pretty much should be the 1st thing you ask. Buyer or Seller.
These days of rampant phishing, spam, scam and cyber security issues. Basic due diligence.

You don’t need to see a face to do this either or know any personal details.

Luckily the ones I’ve asked have happily done it.


Yes you said that already … I was wanting to get clarity if the verification process you were referring to was internal with the site or if people ask you to send them a picture of their ID or what ? I ask because nobody has ever asked me re verify on top my verification from any of the sites I’ve been on . Genuinely curious

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I think it was either way. Just asking for verification.


Unfortunately there are few fake buyer and occasionally Seller accounts around that Sellers have made to give themselves reviews.
They all have no verification or premium status.
They’re pretty easy to spot though.


:eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: this Panty dealing world is a whole new ball game !!!

You get it everywhere. Amazon, review sites. It’s nothing new unfortunately.


Apparently I’ve been living under a rock I didn’t know Amazon could fake reviews without a valid purchase damn

@Jak how do you know these fake accounts were created by sellers for that purpose? Like, what are the signs?

Amazon marketplace sellers or suppliers to Amazon. I’m surprised you’ve not read about it.
It’s after a purchase sheesh. They reimburse the fake reviewers.


@daffodil312 obviously I’m not going to give that info out publicly so they can adjust how they operate.


My mind has officially been blown :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

They’ve even advertised jobs to leave fake reviews. Mostly products from a certain country.


@Jak Okaaaayyy sorry

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There is a website made specifically for this. It’s called you put in the URL of the item you’re wanting to buy and it tell you how many fake/suspected fake reviews there are.


On this site unlike all the others I’ve been on if you aren’t verified or pay the premium, you can’t open or read any emails or chats. You can’t message them either.

It’s an awesome spam filter. I can only talk through sales I’ve purchased.

Thanks for protecting new buyers like this!


How do you verify for this site I am new to this site