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What is the scammy point?

I swear, I reported more scammers yesterday than I can count. You know the ones: the “hey baby I saw your profile and want to buy all your stuffs and give you a weekly allowance and make all your dreams come true” with no punctuation, followed by an invitation to chat on another platform.

What is the point here? And why are they so incredibly bad at whatever scam they’re running?

I think they’re after the buyers , but since there’s so many women in need of making quick $$$ here that I think that THEY think they’ve found a vulnerable market :woman_facepalming:t2:

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But market for what?

Market to scam people… the same thing happens on Instagram with feet pictures lol

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Give it a few weeks and it won’t bother you as much , you’ll get skilled at discerning the scammers from the real buyers . So far I’ve noticed that almost everyone who joins SP says the same the thing in their first month then after while it just gets old . When I get those messages I immediately screen shot it , then click the name to go to their profile, I hit the report button , upload the screenshot quickly and then hit the block button and go about my business . If I receive a message from kik I ask the person where I know them from and what their profile name is before I proceed with a conversation & you’ll start to see the pattern in the username names too so give it some time mama . This world is a little different, takes some getting used to but then it becomes second nature to swerve a mf who is gunna waste your time :rofl:


Yes, I do all that, and the list of people on my block list who are no longer on the site is incredibly long already.

But what is the scam? What are they hoping to get, and where is their payoff?

Girl you’re asking us like we’re the scammers!!! Lol shoot idk ask them … I don’t invest my time in trying to figure out their leverage or what their purpose is , it’s literally a waste of time & time is money :woman_shrugging:t2:

There are so many warnings about scammers, I sort of figured somebody would have asked what the scam is at some point.

I am genuinely curious.

Ive added a comment about the sugar daddy scammers using seller accounts to scam.

They are using fake profiles with female porn stars to scam buyers too.

Its a whole group

They want you to send them “trust money” to “prove you are real” after which they say they will immediately send it back plus $800 a week. So the scam is if they catch enough unsuspecting new girls eventually someone is going to bite. They still try it with me every day.

Thanks, River. That’s one of the lamest scams I’ve heard of.

Another one I’ve heard: they will get you chatting, and ask for increasingly intimate pics—and then tell you that they’re underage, and you have to pay up to prevent them from reporting you to the police, or making the photos public.


LOVE THIS. We take a multitude of measures to stop scammers and delete new accounts everyday whether it be by antiscam bot, user discernment, blocking IP addresses, blocking them at signups & registration, but at the end of the day the #1 way we can stop scammers is to be strong as a community and help educate eachother about the scammers. Once you see a few, you’ve seen almost all of them, but they work hard.

We have kicked out users that message us months later still trying to get back in, but we have a very strict policy on scamming. We’ve been forced to kick off sellers who have had over 400 5 star reviews who decided to get take a little extra benefit under the guise of their good status. Unfortunately it is just the reality of the area that we exist. We thank anybody for their patience in educating new users and weathering the occasional dm that looks a “a little bit too copy and pasted that usually wants to go straight to KiK”. They also probably have less than 10 reviews.

They really attack sellers and buyers alike. They really treat it like a business. Another common one is the amazon gift card scam. Be suspicious of anybody trying to pay in gift cards, especially if they don’t have much history. The internet is a wild place and we thank you for joining us on the ride.


The only thing I want to interject—Amazon gift cards aren’t the scam. Amazon wishlist is where the scam can happen. I keep most of my sales off my taxes by accepting Amazon gift cards—they’re fool-proof. Once the buyer sends the card, redeem it to verify balance. THEN complete the transaction. Never complete it before verifying and applying the balance. Now with wishlists, I reserve those purchase options for buyers who I’ve worked with before and for low-price orders because a buyer can go to your wishlist and “shop”, but actually just choose “purchased somewhere else”. By doing that, they give you the illusion that they’ve bought from the wishlist and your wishlist will say an item has been purchased. The way around this is to have the buyer purchase the items, send confirmation via screenshot, and then when the order ships they send the tracking. THEN the order can be completed.


It works. They do it because it works. Car warranty scammers leave tons of messages on my vm every day because it works.

I got fooled by the “do you have __? Let me see it… I’m really interested in buying but do you have any other photos? I’m not sure, what else do you have?” 10-15 photos later it’s “I get paid on Friday”. I wrote an article on this, you want a photo? $10. If you purchase the item I will deduct from items cost otherwise mine to keep. It’s a down payment. :wink:

Yes Gift cards are a scam. Even if it has a balance, if you don’t use it immediately, they’ve already given that info to 10 other girls to see what they can get. I read tons of girls getting taken on this. No thanks.

I do commend sites getting smarter and blocking IPs like @Cameraman says. They will always find a way but SP does good at keeping it in check.


Thanks for all of this, and I did read your article my first week here. It saved me the first time one of these dudes starting asking for more photos of a listing I sent a link to.

I’m asking this question because I want to understand what it is they’re doing. I want to know what they want, or what they’re trying to get, that ends with them getting paid. I know when it’s a scam—now I want to know what the scam is.

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The only problem with your rhetoric here is if you get the gift card info and redeem it (which means you claim the money and apply it to your account BEFORE the transaction) to your account, there’s no way 10 other girls have money that is already in your account. The only way you get scammed with a giftcard is if you don’t check it and apply it BEFORE you provide a good or service. If your doing play before pay then I’m sure you’ll get scammed. So as I said, Amazon gift cards aren’t a scam. You only get scammed if you don’t actually understand how to do a business transaction.

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