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What is the Order Process for Sellers?

Psst! Hey newbies! Check out our Complete Guide to Selling Used Panties to find info on all the basics!

  1. When a buyer selects the “request order” button at the bottom of a listing, you will receive a notification as well as a message on the site! And an email if you have your notification settings worked out :wink:

  2. If you’ve talked with this buyer before, your new order and message will show up in the same thread you already have going. If this is a brand new interaction, the order will prompt a new thread.

  3. This is where you get to work out the details! Don’t be nervous about being direct about pricing and what exactly is included in the order. While sometimes conversations end up off-site, we strongly recommend keeping all order discussion on site. This is a CYA for everyone involved and grants us access if needed during a dispute.

  4. As a rule of thumb, ALWAYS require payment before beginning any order! One received, mark the listing sold!

  5. Complete the order by leaving a review for the buyer! Some sellers will do this right away and others wait. We recommend allowing some time for delivery so you can include everything you’d like to in the review. Once submitted, reviews cannot be removed or updated so think before you hit submit!

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