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What is the Order Process for Buyers?

Psst! Hey newbies! Check out our Complete Buyers Guide to find info on all the basics!


  1. Start your order by selecting “Request Order”! This sends a notification directly to the seller that you’re ready to purchase.

    This will prompt a pop-up box where you can let the seller know exactly what you’re looking for as far as add-ons or a specific fantasy you’re hoping can be fulfilled!

    What you type here, will populate in your messages! If you’ve talked with this seller before, your new order and message will show up in the same thread you already have going. If this is a brand new interaction, the order will prompt a new thread.

  2. After the seller confirms the sale and payment is received, seller marks the item “sold”, which gives you the option to mark the item delivered. ONLY do so once you have the item in hand! Using the system as intended will help CYA in case something doesn’t go exactly as expected.

    Mark the item delivered by going back to the listing in the Order screen of your Dashboard and selecting action, “Mark as Delivered”!

  3. After you mark the item delivered, you will have 30 days to complete the order by leaving a review for the seller! Once submitted, reviews cannot be removed or updated so think before you hit submit!