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What are Private Profiles?

You can now make your profile private to non-users! Having a private profile protects you from being seen by anyone not logged in to a SP account and is available to premium users!

Simply open the side bar menu to go to your Account, use the top drop-down menu to go to Settings:

Go to Preferences:

Select the third option to make your profile private!

  • This will also remove your listings from the public Listings feed, also accessible through the sidebar menu. Listings from private profiles will be visible to logged in users when using any of the listing filters (category, date listed, etc…) This feature is currently being reviewed as some private profile listings are still not appearing under Listings to logged in users. This will be updated as things progress!

  • Non-users searching for or attempting to go to a private profile will be redirected to an error page

Having an issue? Let us know!

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A “Non-User” …. Is this an unverified, unpaid user?

This is someone who can look you up on Google using your username. Unless you switch it to private, your profile is partially accessible to anyone who comes to the site/looks up your profile name.

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@KMK is right! “Non-User” would be anyone not logged in to a SP account. If your profile is public (default), if someone is searching with your username in Google, it will show your profile picture and a couple of your most recent listings.

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This information cannot be reproduced on the seller end . I submitted a formal support ticket regarding this matter last Sunday and took the time out of my day to show you guys that it doesn’t work & to confidently make a post regarding the matter without fixing or properly informing sellers about the function is disappointing. When a seller sets their account to private ALL of their listings are hidden within the listing tab ! Even if you select the “scent” button and try to narrow in a LOGGED IN buyer will NOT be able to find a “private” sellers listings under that tab , the only way they will see that sellers posts and listings is in the FEED . Here’s a link with a recording that I made this morning , logged in, trying to find my listings with the button marked as private and without …

I created a listing this morning with a scent category as “stuffed” , set my profile to private , and then did a basic search with no title just the “stuffed” option and couldn’t find my listing again … please show me that I’m wrong . If I’m logged in I should be able to see my own listings when set to private but I can’t … and if I can’t who else can’t see them? My profile is no longer set to private because I can’t afford to not be seen under the listing tab , I’m sure a lot of buyers browse through there vs the feed so what are you guys going to do to help? Besides blow me off in an email @Bambi , @Rod

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@DrippnTittyMilkCutie I’m sorry this is still an issue. While I did not see your listings show when you go to the Listings page, I could see them when searching with the filters. I wasn’t able to recreate that now though, so now I’m thinking that was a glitch, not the other way around, I apologize.
I do have to say, though, that the intention of the private profile function on the site is to remove ALL of a user’s content from public view, so technically it is working correctly. While I totally understand what you’re saying, listings will definitely be missed like this, there may be sellers that would prefer that level of privacy and are willing to sacrifice potential sales.
Maybe a solution would be different tiers/levels of privacy for accounts? I will get this back on the dev radar!

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Thank you for double checking, I think it’s a great option for privacy but I only think it’s fair that sellers understand that when they select that button their going to miss out on those views too . If we are properly informed we can make our decisions better and then that’s all on us ; a different tier would be cool !

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Well I do think logged in buyers should be able to see them, but I agree and did go ahead an update the FAQ to include that info.

I think it would be great if there was a workaround for this at some point because privacy is often times a matter of safety and sellers, or sex workers period, shouldn’t have to sacrifice sales for a safe environment.


I agree! This is currently being worked on


Is this feature exclusive to sellers or premium members? I’m neither and don’t have access to the “preferences” tab.

I’m not 1000% sure but my guess is that unless you are premium or verified, many features aren’t available for you as they come with verification and payment for you to access them.

Hey @Bambi can you help ?

Ps Del you’re a premium member in our hearts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: that’s what counts lol

Yes, setting your account to private is a premium account option.