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What are Points and How Do They Work?

#What are points for and how do they work?

The SP Point System is a way to show users that you are a real person and an active user on the site! While we do not publish the exact formula for earning point values, members can earn points by:

  1. Uploading Photos
  2. Creating New Listings
  3. Marking Listings as Sold
  4. Posting a Review
  5. Posting Status
  6. Posting Articles

Points will increase your ranking as well as your “user status”:

Princess / Prince - Level 1: 1,500 - 7,000 points

Queen / King - Level 2: 7,001 - 15,000 points

Demigod - Level 3: 15000 +

And lastly, we have an overall ranking page to show levels of members.

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