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Technical Questions

Coin listings and Private Media Cloud

Media Cloud Overview

This is your own personal private storage cloud. Upload images and videos here to use for coin listings. The files here cannot be used in regular listings or on your profile - only for sale via digital-only listing.

Coin listing(digital-only) vs. Regular listing

The digital-only listing is an optional method for listing items for sale on SP. Sellers can only accept SP coins as payment for Coin **listings -**as opposed to regular listings, where sellers may accept any form of payment they desire. Coin listings are for digital media only (photos and videos).

Fraud protection

Buyers need not worry about receiving content that they paid for. And sellers need not worry about payment since both issues are solved instantly using this method.

I can’t open my inbox messages.

It is likely due to the message limit for basic users. To continue using SP messaging system, upgrade to premium subscription is required. Go to your Settings page to upgrade your account.

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Quick question about uploading videos in the cloud. I am having trouble getting the video to upload. I go into the upload area and select the file bit it sits there and shows 0% for ever. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?


I was having this issue as well a while back. I believe I ended up having to drop the video quality as it was pretty high and took forever. Is there a possibility that you are using your phone or that your wifi is loaded down? If you are using cell data it could need to use a lot of data if not on home wifi.

Sorry if this isn’t much help. :sweat_smile:But it is something to look into until somebody floats by with more knowledge. Best of luck Regan. :heart:


@MySensuousSoles is probably right about this. I have helped several sellers with this issue. It’s generally iPhone uploads and some newer Android phones that have their default video recording settings too high.
Anything abouve 1080p 30 FPS and 3mps online is not needed and won’t give any noticeable visual benefit on a phone or most computer screens.

iPhone files can be huge.