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Shark Week! What do I do?

Hey ladies! So I started my account yesterday and I was so excited to post pictures, and them my period starts :weary::sob:. Do buyers like that ?? Like what do U ladies do when you’ve started your period and are trying to make a sale??

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Welcome, _Hoopz! Some buyers are into shark week stuff, and some are not. Take a look at other sellers’ listings for “shark week” items, and decide if you want to offer those kinds of things. If not, just keep looking for buyers and let them know the date when you can probably start wearing for a normal wear.

You could also make a calendar of the month of June, with your anticipated period days marked off. Then buyers can visually see when you’re available for what they’re looking for.


For example, this is my current calendar-- with scheduled wears, and anticipated period and ovulation days.


I love this! Thank u Lili_Ladd this was really helpful

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Buyers are always understanding and appreciate being kept in the loop when waiting for a wear, so honesty is the best policy :blush:
And like Lili stated, some look for those products! If you feel comfortable doing so, continue photographing your wears and setting up your shop


Thank U girly ! :relaxed: I appreciate your response

Its a thing im often keen to buy into,i like the occasional liner,tampon,panties worn during period.Its all part of why i like panties,girls business.