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Review glitch! Error on support ticket

Today I blocked a buyer because I refuse to do service with someone that I already previously had a bad experience with. When going back into my profile I noticed my review count had gone down by two. I realized that the blocked buyer’s two reviews were gone. This glitch should be addressed ASAP because “fakes” can use this to their advantage and negative reviews will not be seen by others.

BTW I did submit a support ticket but, of course, I got an error message. (Again)


When you block a buyer, the reviews will disappear, yours will disappear from them if they block you

It was my understanding that the reviews are still there on your page , but because you blocked them you can no longer view the reviews they left for you … others SHOULD be able to see them
also… @Vegan_Mamacitahh if you want me to double check on your page and screenshot lmk I’d be happy to help with your peace of mind :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ; xoxo

Ahh I see! I think my review count should stay the same and not change anytime I block someone but :woman_shrugging:t2: If you could please do me the favor and check for me that would be great. The username is SpaceJam23!

Yes ma’am, 181 reviews that I can see & I do see a review from space jam ;