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Reporting - What happens next?

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Once an account is reported, whether it is for a scam, term violation, or an order dispute, it is immediately added to a log notifying admin of the issue, including all screenshots and attachments.


  • What else can I do about abusive users besides reporting?
    After reporting a user, you can remove them from your feed and remove your profile and content from their view by blocking them! Blocking is an easy way to keep annoying and/or abusive users from having access to you or your content.

  • What happens when an account is reported?
    If an account is reported, our team will investigate and take appropriate action. This sometimes involves contacting internal verification and research, as well as sometimes users regarding the disputed issue. Accounts may be suspended and/or removed as a result of reported incidents or fraud.

  • What should I include when I report an account?
    When you report an account, you are given an opportunity to upload screenshots verifying the reason you are reporting. The more “proof” you’re able to include in your report, the more we have to go on when reviewing the next action to take. For example, if an account is reported for scamming, include the screenshots with messages/proof of payments, etc…

  • Why is the account I reported still active on the site?
    Reported accounts are reviewed on a case by case basis and while there may be accounts that you find pushing the boundaries, not all reports will rise to the qualification of account suspension or removal. That’s why blocking can be your best friend sometimes!

  • Is there anything else I an do?
    You can let us know about your experience and give other sellers on the site a heads up here!

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