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Can we please get a queue function for posting? I have a FT M-F job that makes it kinda difficult to stay active during the week on the site and obv the only way to get sales is being active so it would be awesome to be able to queue posts the same way you can on other sites/apps. Or even a draft function that was mentioned in another thread so listings, photos, and/or statuses could be prepared in advance so when I’m busy I can still post without having to stop everything I’m doing. Ideally I’d like to see both the queue and draft option on the site for listings/photos/status, but either one would help :blush:


YES YES YES. I use the listing queue but I seriously cannot keep up with logging on to post 700 times a day on top of waiting the 10 minutes between photos, etc. I think this would seriously be a game changer.


I can’t tell when listings post with that queue because it only lets you pick a date? Is it like that day at midnight or just random?


This is also a good idea!

P.S. I think it’s spelled q-u-e-u-e-u-e-u-e-u-e


I honestly have no idea, I think it may be the time you’re queueing just on the date you pick if that makes sense? It is a bit annoying to not be able to pick the time.


While I can see the benefit of this…i worry about the risks of how easy it would be for scammers to exploit. Possibly only allow this function for ID verified people?


Or maybe only a premium feature?


I like this idea even better!!!


Hey- So this is a good idea, but we presently have the ability to Future Date a listing implemented if I’m not mistaken… What’s the difference between this and a queue exactly?

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What we’re talking about isnt for listing, but for posts/photos. And with the listing queue, we can’t set the time. Only the date. So she brought up being able to schedule posts and photos which I’m 100% for.


KM is correct, the difference is being able to set days and times for when it’ll actually post


Hey- Okay. We’re trying to implement the ability to add specific times to the future dated listings and make that more flexible/customizable for you all, but I’m not sure if we will be building a queued post mechanism just for pictures and posts at this point.


I’d love the scheming of posts as well.
My biggest issue here is uploading.
I travel often n can’t upload outside my home. So while I’m home 2 days, I’d like to schedule my posts n have then already uploaded for when I travel the other 5 days that week.

Maybe just a way to save the posts in drafts then I could post em while on travel

You can actually do both of things right now!
You can schedule a day for listings to publish or save a new listing as a draft to go back in and publish later.

We are currently working on a drafting/“repost” type feature and being able to schedule a certain time to post.

*edited for clarity

So, sounds like we CANT do that.
If I draft 15 post for while I travel 5 days… and they post to public feed instead of drafts… then I don’t have anything else that’s uploaded n ready to post.
Unless I misunderstood u here, @Bambi

I apologize, I thought it was implied I was talking about once you publish a drafted listed. If you save it as a draft, it will save as a draft.

When you’re ready to publish that listing, you can either go to your drafted listings, edit the listing you want to publish, and publish it to the main feed.

Or you can use the schedule option for it to publish on the day you schedule it. You can’t select a specific time to schedule, just the day.

I see… yessss, I’ve used the draft for listings… works great for me.
I was speaking of daily posts or my story… i.e. daily activities to draw attention to my profile.
Can we somehow get a button on drafts to use as story?

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