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Quality Control on Boosted Ads

So on the featured ad section, both the coin boosts and the random featured a day, listings that violate the T&C keep making it through. It’s only frustrating because there are many of us who have other platforms like OnlyFans, but we don’t advertise on the site rightfully so. But there’s featured listing today advertising her OF featured by the site itself. Can we do some screening of the listings before they’re featured?


I was wondering about this too…honestly I dont much care for the k!k group adverts either. If the platform is banned from even being mentioned…why are there ads to allow their promotion? I did see the OF “ownee fans” I think is what shes calling it…and thought…wow…that is in pretty poor taste…


I believe the block on kik is more because of the scammers than because they don’t want people to promote kik. The scammers love to have you move straight to kik and it’s usually in their first message. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really help as there are so many ways around it.


We’re looking into how these onlyfans boostings were able to make it through and adjusting our coding accordingly. This user is now also facing potential suspension if the listings are not removed in a timely manner.


@lauranalove. That makes a lot more sense to me if that is the case! Thanks!

Where do the Featured Listings come from? I see so many of the same users over and over in that section. Is that a promotion we can buy with coins, too?

You use coins to boost your listings. You can choose four for the front homepage and more in individual categories. Go to a listing, select boost, it will ask you homepage or category, choose the ones you want noticed most for homepage/front page, and boost others in category. Each boosted listing will be boosted for 24 hours. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out. I’m NerdyRiver on SP

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I understand Boosted Listings, thank you… I’m asking about " Featured Listings of The Day" that are shown just underneath the Boosted. Where do these come from? :thinking:

Those are the ones boosted in category I believe.

Ohhh! That makes sense @NerdyRedheadRiver . Thank you. I haven’t boosted in a category, yet. But I can see how that would work. :slight_smile:

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No problem! Anytime I don’t mind.

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I think the Featured Listings must be random! One of my listings was up there for a little while yesterday, and I had not boosted it at all.
I was curious, because there are a few sellers who show up there a LOT, like daily. :woman_shrugging:

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