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Photos, anonymity and confidentiality

Hi there! I’m new here and i wish to know something about sending pictures to buyers here. My question is probably silly, but… when I send some photos to someone, how can I be sure that these photos will not circulate on the web? There are no guarantees in this regard, right? so do you recommend covering recognizable signs or not worrying about this issue?
Thanks to whoever will want to answer me.

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I cover anything up that is identifiable outside of my tattoos. I can’t really cover those nor am I worried about it. I watermark everything so they can’t be sold as their own but there is way to guarantee they wont be circulated. If you are really concerned about anonymity, dont show any part of you that is identifiable…scars, tattoos, birthmarks, certain clothing items, background items (photos, art.ect)


You cannot be sure , but you can watermark and edit . I personally do not hide my tattoos… on really kinky orders I might hide my face depending on the buyer … there is always a risk so remember to stay comfortable with what prices you’re asking and most importantly your boundaries :black_heart: