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Petition to update censorship on SP?

If admins are reading this great :slight_smile:

Today, after eating lunch, i log into my SP…. There are soooo many seller Posting very inappropriate imagines…. Fluid, periods… toilet stuff…(nothing is blurred out) it makes my stomach turn…. I just started blocking those sellers.

Can we update censorship? I’m sure many feel the same


That would be fantastic. Also, a report button. Maybe I’m missing it, but it would be helpful to be able to report images/posts rather than profiles as a whole


If you’re using iphone, unzoom your screen to 75%, the you can see the block and report.

100% agree. It makes my stomach turn, when I was pregnant I actually got sick a few times just from scrolling lol


Is there a way to do this for images or listings, or is it just the profile overall?

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I kind of like the way ATW has implemented both a censorship rule (no blood, scat, nudity, etc) and also no guilt-tripping posts.

As a seller who does heavy fetish content, the only excuse for lack of censorship is laziness. It’s not hard to put a sticker over something or just use your words instead🤷🏼‍♀️


I agree more censorship would be nice , along with a “hide user posts” option …

Showcase those goodies in a private conversations and invest the effort in IMGPLAY or some kind of application that can blur and hide those tid bits … flashing nudes contributes to a lower standard for this site and ultimately reduces buyer expectations thus having an affect on other sellers in addition to yourself (talking as a whole) …

Five dolla love you long time at least !! :wink:lol I say this all I with good intentions and figured I could drop it off on this post since we’re on the subject…


Do the moderators on the site actually do anything to counter it? I have reported buyers and sellers for violations and never hear anything back, weeks later the content is still there, and the person has not been banned.


Agreed. Maybe requiring blurring or covering of graphic content.

Also, what happens when things are reported?


Depends if they like you or not.


We do review all reports made on the site, but we can only enforce the terms and conditions of the site, and while some content may not be everyone’s cup of tea, SP is still a fetish website and not all reports made are actual violations of the sites terms and conditions.
You can read what the site rules are, what happens when you report someone, and answers to most of the other questions here: Frequently Asked Questions - Scented Pansy Forum