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Payouts for Sellers

How do payouts work with Bitsafe?

Convert your hard earned coins to cash via Bitsafe! Sign up here for a Talent Account!


  • Sellers can view their coin balance under the “Payouts/Coins” heading of the Account page

  • You can also see your recent coin transactions here including incoming coin payments & bonuses, withdrawals, and boosted listings!

  • Sellers may request payouts of of 100 coins ($10) minimum.

  • Payout rate is $0.10 per coin.

  • Withdrawals can be requested anytime! SP is currently running once daily M-F payouts! Any request made after 8:00AM EST will be processed on the next business day.

  • Once received in your Bitsafe account, you can start a transfer from Bitsafe to your bank account (1-2 business days) or use immediately with Bitsafe debit card! There is a $26 annual fee associated with the debit card.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up here for a Bitsafe Talent Account!

  2. Once you have created a Talent account and are logged into Bitsafe dashboard, you can find your unique Bitsafe IBAN number!
    It’ll look something like this: NL90 BITS 0318 3756 72

  3. Copy your IBAN number and paste it into the Withdraw screen of the Payouts/Coins page!

  4. Once completed, you will be able to start requesting payouts!

Methods of Withdrawal from Bitsafe

Bitsafe offers several methods of distribution: ACH transfers, SEPA transfer, Wire transfer, or you can sign up for a Bitsafe debit card! Bitsafe charges a $5 ACH transfer fee and transfer times may vary depending on your bank.

See more about Bitsafe options here.