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Payments: what are you using to accept payments these days?

Did you? Its being a pain in my butt & slowing down my plans. So if you haven’t, don’t delay. Heads up


Hi! I’m so late to this party but I’m hoping someone can help me understand the venmo option. My venmo is for my personal life right now and I want to keep that separate from this–I have a buyer who doesn’t use cashapp, can’t get his Google pay to work, so wants to venmo me on my personal venmo (which is super personal and I have a super unique name) and I’m not comfy with it. He has a tonnnn of good ratings though; do you all use your personal venmos too?

No I don’t use my personal payment accounts for my SW . My Venmo is setup with a fake name . Venmo and cashapp I have separate accounts that don’t have any debit card options attached and when I get the payment for SW to those accounts I immediately transfer them to my real cashapp or Venmo accounts where I have cards linked . Few extra steps but it keeps me comfortable, hope this helps and hey … better late than never :relaxed:

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I’m in NZ and can’t use Cash App or Venmo, and PayPal requires identification to sign up, resulting in your real name appearing on the account, what is the best way for me to take payments?

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I used a fake name for my PayPal & transfer payments from there to my bank :grimacing: ** edit , it’s a personal account…

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