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Ok please hear me out…

It will probably get ignored, but I would like to put this suggestion out there again and it would be nice if someone could back me up here because I KNOW I’m not the only one frustrated with this.

The repost feature. Ok it’s been established already that it was likely a glitch before and you guys aren’t going to make it a thing again.

But please hear me out!
Honestly, taking screenshots of listings and posting those is not efficient use of our NOW extremely limited cloud space. We have limited gigs to upload content for coin listings, and now cover photos for listings and any public photos posted takes up that space as well.

I understand not wanting to clog/spam the feed with reposted listings and I do agree that some people may have abused it before.
But what if we had a repost option and we were limited to a couple reposts a day instead of unlimited reposts? Or 1 every few hours or something. Anything.

We as sellers have suffered immensely during this update, and almost 2 months in and my page views and sales haven’t recovered . Not even close. Still nearly nonexistent.

To be able to repost an older listing to hopefully gain a little more traffic to my page or traffic to a specific listing and save a little bit of time by not having to create a new listing for something that already exists in my shop would be great.

You guys have lost loyal sellers and buyers during this transition and I know it hasn’t been easy for you either.
I just renewed my membership for another 6 months because I still (want to) have high hopes that things will get better again and it costed me the same amount of money I’ve made from this site since the update happened and I really don’t want to think I’ve just wasted my money.

@Rod @Bambi


I agree with this wholeheartedly, and I’m relatively new to SP.


Love the limited reposting idea vs the “free style” posting , I think that would be very helpful because you’re right … us sellers have taken a big blow for the site to update and our traffic is WEAK AF here . The media cloud thing is aggravating AF !!! I hate that they took the option for us to grab from the media cloud away because now when I want to post a picture of a recent Panty or item I’m really trying to sell I have to reupload the SAME picture and my media cloud is getting bigger and bigger … I haven’t been posting pictures lately because it just doesn’t make sense … none of this shit does anymore and it’s frustrating… I hope they hear you out …


This is something we’ve been thinking/talking about! I know there’s a lot of debate why users like or don’t like that option, but I do agree that we need to think about adding some more seller “tools” like this!


I think a limited amount (I believe ATW does 7 in 24 hours) would be really helpful! It would be so nice to bring some visibility to older listings without deleting the old listing and adding a new one.


I hear you on this, we actually JUST got some new tabs on the media cloud to help sort through it and are still working on a couple other media cloud-related options!

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I think it should be talked about why the media cloud has content in it that’s been deleted/removed from our profiles from multiple years ago. I’ve got content in my media cloud that’s 4+ years old that I don’t want on the site or in my cloud. And I’m not submitting a support ticket about it before that’s suggested.


Are you saying you can’t delete the content from your media cloud now?
Content sold on the site can’t be deleted because it would delete the content for the buyer as well, that is not new to the update.

None of the content I’m talking about is tied to a listing. I’m aware of how the cloud works, I understand you can’t delete content from active listings. What I’m saying is I have multiple pages of photos that were from 4+ years ago that when the update happened, magically reappeared in my media cloud. Photos that were so old that they weren’t even in the original media cloud which rolled out within what, like the last one or two years? I can delete the content, that’s not the issue. It’s the fact that the media cloud during the transition uploaded pages and pages of OLD content that I deleted from existence years ago. If it happened to me, I’m going assume it happened to others and is taking up immense space.

I looked through my media cloud and found the same issue. Luckily I only had a few images and deleting them was quick work.

Putting this question to dev to see what’s up. @Bambi

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100% back this post!


Yes to all of this! Even if the reposting was limited to 3 times a day or something, it would help so much! Definitely not unlimited reposting, because that is obnoxious. It is incredibly heartening to know you guys are discussing it! I want to stay on this site so bad, and I’m trying to wait out the dry spell…but ouch. This is currently my only income (life got weird), and this site used to be where I made most of my sales. Losing the sales here has been devastating.