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Nov 26 Issues Updates

Relisted coin listings don’t relist with a cover photo. (FIXED)
Relist/EDIT listing error (FIXED)
Cover GIF doesn’t work. It just freezes(single frame). (FIXED)
Coin listings sometimes duplicate when relisted. (FIXED)
GIF for avatars (FIXED)
CAPTION> add on upload, show with image on feed (READY)
Dash ADDONS not included in graph earnings (ADDED)
REVIEW character limit (UNLIMITED NOW)
AVATARS can use GIF now
New Interviews Feature is not functioning properly (Anyone has issue with this?)
Update gallery FIXED
REVIEWS stars wonky for safari/macbook users FIXED
MISSING SCENT CATEGORY LISTINGS - “scent” category isn’t showing up in new listing form. (FIXED)


BOOST CATEGORY (Almost done)
PAST orders for specific users section (Scheduled)
DESKTOP - expand the layout
Lots of other stuff.

Tried to access a conversation for an order that was made prior to the conversion and I got this message:

Order # 101935
I talk to the buyer often on a messaging app so it’s no big deal but the message connected to the error tis a little rude … I’m trying to access my conversation, not “other chats”…


@Rod heres a couple of non-urgent things I’ve noticed:

  1. when I’m chatting with a couple people at the same time, I’ll see the little message saying “x is typing” when I have a different chat open that isn’t with that user. The message often appears on top of recent messages from the person I’m currently chatting with so it seems a little buggy.

  2. is the new boosting system supposed to keep up your listing on the front page for way longer than pre-update? I’ve logged on multiple times today over the course of many hours and there has been the same listing displayed first in the boosted section all day.

Just remembered a couple more things lol

  1. when I open a chat it still scrolls up through previous messages. It isn’t all the way back to the first message like when the site was first updated but it’d be nice if the chat opened to the most recent message.

  2. I usually have to refresh the page to see if the user I’m chatting with has replied I.e. I don’t receive notifications of new chats automatically. This was a problem with the old site too so I hope this can be fixed soon as I’ve also heard from buyers that they didn’t know I’d responded for a long time since the chat didn’t show it before refreshing the page.


There are a few features I want to suggest.

  1. The ability to edit or delete story
  2. The ability to edit a misstyped tracking number

I am also still having an issue where some of the pictures in my shop are more bury than the actual photo. When I go to the listing it is clearer than the shop displays. This has only been happening to more recently listed iteams and not older iteams.

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Hi - yes the message is a little too obtuse, it is supposed to be like ‘don’t try to hack the chats’ - i’ll have dev update that alert.

Checking on why this occured for you. Where were you coming from (clicking from) to get the alert?

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Lol thank you for understanding! I went to my dashboard > orders>filtered “processing orders”>selected the dots so I could view the conversation associated with that particular order> then was redirected to my chats with that error msg

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Thank you - we are taking notes.

Thank you - taking notes on these suggestions.

@Rod would it be possible to see our profile views in a weekly format as well as daily, monthly and yearly?

Thank you for all you do! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Omg thank you for introducing this option!! I can write reviews from my iPhone again , much appreciated !!!


Any way we can get the “mark as sold button” back? Thanks for considering it!


Has the scheduling option been down or is it being removed? Tried to schedule several listings for next week but they went ahead and posted live.

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Can you please submit a support ticket for this issue? Thanks!

Scented Pansy

Mine is a really small thing. When I get new messages, sometimes its purple and sometimes its not. I guess when its from other sellers its not in purple and then I’m scrolling around trying to figure out if I really have a message or not. Maybe something for us magical adults :smiley:

Thats a brilliant message for those trying to hack it. I understand not what you were doing so doesn’t apply to you @DrippnTittyMilkCutie but to those who do, thats just awesome. I love it! Maybe @Rod “Abandon all Hope, Thee who Hack here”. A little spin on the sign from the Gates of Hell.

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Not sure if it’s a temporary problem, but images and videos aren’t showing up in the feed for me, currently.


I’ve been getting a 500 error when trying to access my dashboard for a day and a half now :roll_eyes::woman_shrugging:

The site won’t even load for me :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Scheduled a listing for the second, posted immediately

Can you add block people showing up in my front page.

There are certain listings or pics that I am not fond of so I block the person. They still appear on my feed :confused: