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New Seller With Some Questions

Howdy everyone,

I’m new to selling and I was wondering if it was worth upgrading to paid account even though I haven’t sold yet. Generally, how long did it take before someone contacted you to buy something? Did you bite the bullet and got a paid account from the beginning?

I want to make the most of this but I’m worried that I might not have a buyer contact me at all without a paid account or even if I have one.

I’d love to hear your experience!

Thanks <3

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I did about a months research before I even joined SP so that once I was ready I could set up shop straightaway and so paid for premium immediately. I was VERY lucky and made my first sale on my 2nd day and I’ve not looked back.
Sadly scammers are rife in selling and buying so, understandably, most buyers will not purchase from you unless uou are verified and a paying seller.
The way I’ve ALWAYS viewed it is that as long as I’m lucky enough to sell something that reimburses my subs then anything else is a bonus. That said, this isn’t my first income. If it was I’d prob think differently.
Good luck! If you need anymore help just shout xxxx


I am way late to this but yes! Do it! I have made my money back several times over and been with SP for about 3 years

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