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Messaging/DM Questions

Scented Pansy makes messaging easy and all in one place!

  • DMs were merged into one consolidated thread with all previous DMS/chats, so you do not have to look for multiple threads/messages either!

  • All previous messages will be in the same, single message thread and can be accessed via the message icon in the upper right hand corner of the site.

    Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 8.55.18 PM

Users also don’t have to be online to send a message either! You can go to the users profile and click “DM” and it will either begin a new chat if you’ve never messaged that user or it will open the message thread.


  • Why can’t I send messages anymore?
    Most likely, you will need to upgrade your account to send more than 2 messages per day. This has been proven to seriously reduce the number of scammers on the site! Read more about it here!

  • How do I find messages I sent about an order?
    There are 2 ways to do this:

    1. Via the “Orders” tab in your Dashboard

      • Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner
      • Select “View Conversation”
    2. Via Messages

      • Click the message icon in the upper right hand corner of the site (see above)
      • Scroll to find the message thread with the user you are looking for or use the search-by-user function to find a specific thread faster!

  • How do I delete a message?
    There is no “delete all” function at time unfortunately! At this time, only individual messages within threads can be deleted. If you’d like to remove a specific thread from your view, you can always use the archive function!

Common Solutions & Work-Arounds

  • Have an unread message notification icon and can’t find the unread message? Try checking your archive for unread messages! Even though you’ve archived the thread, unless the user has been blocked, new messages will continue to go to the thread. Still not finding it and just want the damn icon gone? Go ahead and use the “Mark all chat as read” tool!