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Known Issues List Nov 20

I just saw that too. I sure hope we didn’t permanently lose those images. We would have to start completely over and recreate everything. Do all the work again for the listing photos we don’t have saved, take new photos, edit, collage, literally ground up.

Please wait a minute.

When I clicked on my listings I could still see the original photo. If we do have to relist, at least we should just be able to copy and paste

Please don’t relist, give me a minute please

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Whomever is doing that should be kicked off the site, that’s one million percent not ok. A clear abuse of the system.


They’re removed. And the loophole was fixed.

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There was a validation issue with some relistings. It should be fixed now let me know if you still have issue. @Vegan_Mamacitahh @Daydreamscapes @wetlittlewifey

Hi. Is anyone else having issues with items in their store not having a way to be purchased? Clients are complaining that they can see my listings but it does not have a purchase option.

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Buyer view

Can you give me the usernames of those who are having issue?

They now have to use the “request order” button at the bottom of the listing instead of the old “order” button.
The biggest change with orders besides phrasing is that once it’s ordered, the listing wont show up in your shop anymore, but you will get a message when it’s ordered/who ordered it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This is what I get on my end and his as well. The username is “dirtyhed”. I don’t see any buy button under anyones listing.

The first one is from my account and the second is from the dirtyhed account.

You can’t order your own listing, so it doesn’t show there. I put in a ticket to show disabled button here to make it more clear. @Daydreamscapes

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Right, thats why I went to a different models page the first time (my account) . The second photo is from a customers account. Since I am a seller…I can’t buy from other sellers now? Dirtyhed is not a seller account but still can’t buy from me or anyone else.

Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 2.01.25 PM
Dirtyhed registered as seller. But there is still should be a notice here that says 'sign up as buyer to request order…checking this)

Okay gotcha, he didn’t know he signed up as a seller. my apologies. So does he need to make a buyer account now?

i’ll switch his role on the account to buyer.

Okay, thanks. So in the future if I wanted to buy something from another sellers account I would need to make a separate buyers account? Before the update I thought I could purchase and tip other creators with SP coins.