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Known Issues List Nov 20

IN PROGRESS & SCHEDULED (partial list - full list update coming Monday or tomorrow):

Relisted coin listings don’t relist with a cover photo. IP
Relist for coin listing error (IP)
When I make a new coin listing, a cover gif doesn’t play. It just freezes. IP
Coin listings sometimes duplicate when relisted. IP

Dash ADDONS not included in graph earnings (IP)
CAPTION> add on upload, show with image on feed (IP)
GIFS ‘frozen’ issue (IP)
REVIEWS stars wonky for safari/macbook users (IP)


New Interviews Feature is not functioning properly (Scheduled)
PAST orders for specific users section (Scheduled)
MISSING SCENT CATEGORY LISTINGS - “scent” category isn’t showing up in new listing form. (Scheduled)
DESKTOP - expand the layout

@Rod Im not seeing fixing relisting recently sold items on here. Can this please be added to the schedule? I’ve been getting error 422 every time I’ve tried today with multiple listings that were just sold so I don’t think the error is connected to a specific one. Also, I tried scheduling another listing yesterday to be republished to the main feed today and it still doesn’t seem to be working. I know I can just delete and remake the listing but that requires a lot more work and relisting items to the main feed is a major way to gain traffic to your page when you don’t have anything new to post.


Idk about the scheduling, but I’ve been having the same 422 error when I go to edit listings

We’re deploying a fix right now for relisting. Can you give it a try now please?

Hmm I successfully reposted 2 recently sold listings but when I tried on this 3rd one I still got the 422 error.

Not sure why the fix is only working for select listings.

I’ll also try scheduling a post for tomorrow and see if that feature has been fixed.

Update: tried to edit a listing to schedule a new publish date and got a 500 error so I couldn’t edit it

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I just got a 500 error when I pushed edit as well

Hmm, ok sending this report over to dev

Same here. A couple of my listings, I was able to repost. And the third one I tried no longer worked and got an error.


In the DMs. It always starts with the first/oldest msg vs dropping to the most recent or active line in conversation. Can this be fixed so we don’t have to scroll through the entire conversation every time just to reply?

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Hi - I think this is an anomaly. What browser/device are you using? Have you tried clearing cache to get the most updated version of the site?

@Rod i blocked this time waster yesterday and they are still able to order my listings !!! They’re hogging up my listing availability and I feel like jumping through my phone and pimp slapping them , please advise!

Blocked users need to be an ultra Priority, more important than being able to relist an item that someone can just type out and upload a picture for … there’s a work around for that - there is nothing we can do about the users that we blocked that can still make fake orders wasting our time AND money !!!

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Yes, I’m so pissed right now. Furious. I’m sorry, give me 30 minutes.

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Fixed. And asses whipped.

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sorry to whomever got a POW POW but damn it was needed lol … I noticed though that this link (home) :

Isnt working now & giving my Safari an error 500 , but the feed url is okay ( a little slow but still loads)

Homepage restored. Thanks for reporting

The majority of my shop listings are showing up with this image rather than the ones I uploaded. When I click the listing, it takes me to the correct image.

Mine are grayed out too. What is happening???


It still happens to me and when I archive a message, if I don’t read it, it stays showing I have a message. I might not want a certain person to know I saw their message if I’m trying to back away from a bit too much messaging.

Womp womp. I just looked at the homepage and most of those are as well.