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Issues Update Nov 24

Relisted coin listings don’t relist with a cover photo. (FIXED)
Relist/EDIT listing error (FIXED)
Cover GIF doesn’t work. It just freezes(single frame). (FIXED)
Coin listings sometimes duplicate when relisted. (FIXED)
GIF for avatars (FIXED)
CAPTION> add on upload, show with image on feed (READY)
Dash ADDONS not included in graph earnings (ADDED)
REVIEW character limit (UNLIMITED NOW)
AVATARS can use GIF now


Update gallery IP
REVIEWS stars wonky for safari/macbook users IP
MISSING SCENT CATEGORY LISTINGS - “scent” category isn’t showing up in new listing form. (IP)

New Interviews Feature is not functioning properly (Scheduled)
PAST orders for specific users section (Scheduled)
DESKTOP - expand the layout
Lots of other stuff.


Happy Holidays! I am having these errors on my shop. Listings are duplicate.

And some have the pictures not loading

Thank you

Hey @fragolina80 I let IT know about this! Next time you can either submit a support ticket or just email us at to make sure we see this immediately!

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