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Issues Update Nov 22

Relisted coin listings don’t relist with a cover photo. (FIXED)
Relist/EDIT listing error (FIXED)
Cover GIF doesn’t work. It just freezes(single frame). (FIXED)
REVIEWS stars wonky for safari/macbook users (Could not reproduce, if you are still having this issue contact me directly)
Coin listings sometimes duplicate when relisted. (FIXED)
GIF for avatars (FIXED)


CAPTION> add on upload, show with image on feed (Almost ready)
Dash ADDONS not included in graph earnings (IP)

New Interviews Feature is not functioning properly (Scheduled)
PAST orders for specific users section (Scheduled)
MISSING SCENT CATEGORY LISTINGS - “scent” category isn’t showing up in new listing form. (Scheduled)
DESKTOP - expand the layout
Lots of other stuff.

I’m still getting the 500 error when I click edit listing HOWEVER when I go back and click edit again, it will take me to the error page but immediately redirect to edit the listing :woman_shrugging:t2:
Looks like other sellers are still having issues too

“Just tried multiple listings on her profile but can’t reproduce, everything just opens the edit page as expected :thinking_face:

It’s working now, idk lol :woman_shrugging:t2:

Ummmmmmmm there’s a photo as a cover photo for one of my listings and the photo is DEFINITELY not mine…check your listings

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I opened a new topic but no response. I had 196 reviews now I have 185. Are they gone forever? They were earned so I want them back.

Can you send the URL of this listing here?

I deleted it sorry. I’ve not gone through all of them if I see another one I’ll let you know.

We are hiding blocked users now after latest update, including reviews.

Woo here’s something good! Looks like the adding photos is back to normal! :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:
Slow progress but at least it’s something

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I have a fun one. The second page of my listings does this… I am very sure no one is going to be buying that hahah of course “Does like 14 make you hard?” could be my new pick up line hahaha!!! I crack myself UP! But maybe the non-code version is best. Thanks!

I got a better one! “Hey @Rod … are you a line 22 type of guy?” HAHA!!

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He’s working with turbo stream action.


I see his size 8 goes up to a size 14 Wahahahah… (Before anyone gets too excited, this is not harassment so pass the salt)


Videos are not playing in the video section of profile. Once you click on them they freeze into a photo

I’m forwarding this to IT now

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There should be a notice if the video is processing, in which case it won’t have playback yet.

Idk it’s still happening. I don’t see any notice. This is from my video album on my profile. I click play on one video and the page refreshes, showing all the videos frozen with no play button anymore.

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