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Is this a scam?

Messaged this user on KIK and they sent me the amount they told me in Bitcoin. It seems very suspicious, but I don’t understand what the scam is.

Anyone have any advice?

First red flag should be the broken grammar and the sentences don’t make sense. Second, the profile doesn’t appear to be verified. Third, buyers who are legit don’t tend to try to go off site immediately—they stay on site to chat not KIK. Last, there should be no special request on KIK that couldn’t be discussed on site therefore what they’re wanting is most likely a scam regardless of what they say and Bitcoin isn’t able to be disputed much like other payment methods. Do you use Bitcoin frequently?

Yes, daddy scammer. Any new account trying to move you to kik ASAP is typically a scammer

Also the names and their variations: Michael, Alexander, James