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International shipping

Hello Sellers (and perhaps Buyers too)! I am still pretty new and have only shipped within the US. I have a few questions about international shipping: 1. Do you do it and if so, do you use tracking? 2. Are international buyers wary of international shipping? 3. What do you consider the best method for shipping internationally? Thank you to anyone who takes time out of their day to reply!!

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Look into usps shipping, we are restricted to ship to Australia and ireland + others.

You gotta look up shipping pricing by oz in the usa. Typically, panties go for $12-$18 for basic 3 oz.

Buyers will not always know so you have to research beforehand

If you’re not doing it at home, usps, you must fill a custom form in a usps office.

Remember too! There are multiple middle east countries that prohibit use items being shipped.

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From the US, international shipping only comes with tracking if you do Priority or Express, which is more expensive. Regular First Class mail doesn’t come with tracking overseas—but if you fill out a customs form, you can sometimes track with the customs number as far as the package landing in the other country. After that, nothing.

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@JadetheSpade Sorry for the delay … I have shipped to Australia multiple times now with usps, each time it’s taken about a month to get there , I complete a customs form - if I send pops I label them as pens , if it’s Panties I label it clothing - never had a problem …usps has tracked my package from my state and given me light updates after it’s left America on the country/zone that’s its gotten to and then I am notified when it touches down - I didn’t pay extra for that through the post office & it’s about $22 after taxes (at the post office) . My buyer never gives me a hard time , and that’s the reason why I have oxygen absorption packets inside my vacuum sealed bags… in the event that it takes super long , my product doesn’t become yucky & when my client sees that oxygen absorption packet he knows that I took the extra step to provide excellent service regardless of what I cannot control - such as post office delays. Never had a complaint :black_heart:

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Where do you you buy the oxygen absorption packs? Amazon?

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Yes ma’am, I bought a pack of one hunnnid & it gives me peace of mind - WELL worth the investment!

Thank you so much for this! I just saw a post last week some time that you had where I saw those little oxy-packs and thought to myself “Oh shit, do I need to get those?” :rofl: :joy:


One time when I first started I had a man convince me to provide him with a duplicate product because the post office took an extra week to get it to him … during that same time I had my first international shipment that was also taking hella long ( I didn’t know then that 1 month was typical) … so I told myself I wasn’t going to allow the post office to get in the way of my monya $$ & I nipped it in the bud right then and there and ever since haven’t had one issue regarding the freshness of a product… a man can’t even try to convince me that my product isn’t fresh because I know for certain that it is !!! I’ve allowed a pair of dirty panties to sit vacuum sealed for a month with an oxygen absorption packet and have seen for myself that they’re fresh af even after all that time!!! Plus , it’s a really good look - if you see my reviews you’ll notice that a lot of people comment about the extra things I do to provide excellent service , and that’s one of those things . No you don’t need it … do I recommend it?! Hell to the freak yes!!!


Totally stealing this idea thank you girl

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Of course mama , I’m here to help however I can !

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