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How to attract more buyers

I would like to open a discussion on attracting buyers, keeping their attention and maintaining the buyer/seller relationship…

I feel there are a lot of new girls who are felling as if they are in over their heads with trying to navigate 1st time communication and constant contact


Yes please let’s do that. I want return customers.


Experiment using your own style and what you’re comfortable with ! Balance out your shop and a little bit of everything . Take the time to familiarize yourself with different fetishes by conducting research online and maybe find a few to start specializing in and by reaching out to a buyer to ask what it is they like about XXX , most are kind and willing to talk to you if your sincere and approach is like that of a friend vs trying to sell… As you go through experimenting with your photos and posts try maybe 1 week trials for consistency or 4 days… style your
Photos and posts the same and see how it’s working by checking your dashboard! If it works great keep it up and if not switch up
The flow a little ! We are all unique in our own ways :heart_decoration: and your people will find you !! Once someone reaches out do you’re thing and be yourself!! It’s a lot more fun working with someone you’re comfortable with & if they ask for 5 photos … give them 6 or 7 …go the extra way… if they are ordering something do not ghost them after payment , let them enjoy their experience with you and let them in on your day while you were rocking their things! Some might not respond right away but at least they know & some come back weeks later to pay their compliments…Be sincere , your energy carries and if that buyer is for you they’ll come back and if not still check in on them from time to time and treat them like a friend … also … try to think like a man … put yourself in their shoes if you can … I am not an expert but these are all things I have applied and in the one month I’ve been here (on this site) I have made all my return investments and have my little handful of loyal customers :woman_shrugging: ; take the advice or leave it , this is just my way of helping, and with much love , xoxo


Great topic! As someone that gets pm by new sellers often. I always offer a few tips.

Your style may vary.

Some sellers approach buyers
Some don’t

You do need a great profile description with sizes, prices and everything you offer.
Avoid putting anything that may come off as negative. Even if you don’t offer it. Just politely let the buyer know in pm. This is a great way to make a connection. I had many buyers ask for no nos but then purchased something else because I was nice.


Biggest annoyance for me as a buyer in digital content is not seeing how long a video is that you want to buy in a listing. There’s many that don’t.


That’s a good idea. Many clip sites will generate the time as part of the listing. And give an option to make a preview clip. If you’d like to beef up the digital content offers, those would be nice enhancements.


Activity, interaction on posts, likes, following and having a personality. Those things work wonders.

Having 3 listings and doing nothing, then moaning you have no sales on main feed. That definitely doesn’t attract buyers.


Also Tags, especially if you have lots of listings. If you haven’t tagged your listings well or correctly it’s a huge pain to scroll through all your listings to find something I’d like.

I’ve sometimes come back and seen a listing that I was interested in later, but went elsewhere because it didn’t show up on the search function on your shop.


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