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How do I create and edit listings?

There are 3 Major Listing Types:

  1. Regular (categories vary)
  2. Coins (media only)
  3. V.I.P.
  • All listings require photos to be uploaded to the media cloud.

  • When creating a new listing, you will be redirected to your media cloud to either select or upload photos before being taken to the listing screen.

  • Photos will be published on the listing in order of upload, meaning the photo uploaded first will be the first photo and so on.


  • If you are listing a lot of items, you may not want to list them all at once and using the “Publish Date” can be helpful! This allows you to pick the date the listing will post to the main feed! Listings will post at random times. *Spacing out posts and posting at different times can help increase exposure and get more buyers!

  • Listings that have an image that shows the seller wearing the item sells better than an image of the item by itself.

  • Make sure the listing images are:

    • CLEAR! The site is designed to be photo-centric and what you post to the feed will be users’ first interaction with you! Make a good impression and avoid blurry photos!
    • no more than 10MB in file size
  1. Don’t list items all at once! Listings posted over a longer span (i.e. every other day) will result your items show up in the public feed more often, increasing visibility!

  2. Use the body of the listing to tell buyers about available ‘add-ons’! This could include: photos/videos wearing the item, extra days of wear, special requests…

  3. Add tags to increase searchability.

Having an issue? Let us know!