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How Can I Avoid Getting Scammed as a Buyer?

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Here at SP, we take fraud and scamming very seriously. Scammers not only hurt their victims, but the entire panty fetish community. In an effort to avoid the scamming types, we encourage buyers to level up to premium and encourage review, verification, and ranking on seller accounts. Additionally, here are some quick tips to reduce your risk of falling for a selling scam:

  1. Use the system built in to the site! Do not make a deal without an SP order number - using the SP ordering system enables us to offer your stronger support in the event that something goes wrong and you want to file a dispute. Sellers who don’t use SP ordering system are much more likely to be running a scam. Don’t pay a dime until you get an order number!

  2. Check the seller’s reviews - this is one of the best ways to check whether or not a seller is legitimate and sincere. If a seller has reviews, it means that the seller has successfully completed orders on SP and therefore more trustworthy. Every seller has the opportunity to enable the review process for each sold item. We always send out an email to both the the seller and buyer a link to review and a follow up reminder before orders expire!

  3. Make sure the seller has the ‘verified’ badge! This means that they have taken steps to prove they are the same person as presented on their SP profile. This doesn’t always guarantee a seller is legit, but it certainly helps gain some trust!

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  4. Use SP inbox messaging and chat for communication. If you’re using communication outside of SP, and want to file a dispute, we have a very difficult time duly verifying validity via third party services outside our network.

Still think you may have been scammed? Submit a dispute here and/or report the scammer. In the meantime, here are some answers and work-arounds:

  • Getting an “invalid order number” error when trying to check up on processing orders? It’s possible that a listing was deleted by the seller after purchase. Don’t worry, you can find the order number to include in your report to us in your email! Include this screenshot in your attachments when reporting the account!

  • Help someone else not get scammed by sharing what you know!

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