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Help with using VIP

Hi, I’m a new user and am having a bit of trouble figuring out the VIP feature? I have googled and looked on here but I can’t find any guide to how to use it - I can’t figure out how to upload photos to the VIP section.

If someone could point me to a guide or explain I would be super grateful - can I only add content once people are actually subscribed?

Hello, so we are working to get the FAQ updated with this info, but here are the basics!

VIP is a private collection of media integrated directly into the site! This content can only be accessed via coin payment, so it’s perfect for users who aren’t comfortable with off-site transactions.

*** Add VIP content the same way you add listings! Select the “:heavy_plus_sign:” in the upper right hand of the page and use option “Add Listing”**
*** Like regular or coin listings, all VIP content will be added to the listing via the Media Cloud. You can either upload content before or when creating the listing. Once media content is selected, you will be redirected to the create listing screen.**
*** Directly under the listing media, there are 3 buttons to switch to each listing type: Regular, Coin, and VIP.**
*** When the listing is published, you will be able to see the content in the feed, however to users not subscribed to your VIP content, only the default swirl SP image will be visible.**
*** If you want VIP content to be visible to everyone and not be replaced by the default image to non-subscribers, select option “Post as public teaser content”. This will make all media in the listing viewable to all SP users.**
*** Since VIP content is technically a listing, you will not be able to delete content out of your Media Cloud if there is an active VIP listing.**

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Thank you so much for explaining!

Have a great day

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Can you tell me how to delete mine? It’s all got the wavy image and it wont let me delete only edit. I want to delete everything in VIP

This is at the top of our list to correct rn! Not being able to delete VIP listings is a glitch it looks like we’ve missed so far, but devs is working on it!

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Thank you for the answer

I’m trying to get rid of my VIP or at least remove the payment plans and it won’t allow me to. I have no subscribers and I can’t delete any of the plans, including lifetime.

They have this in the dev scheduled so we can delete all our wavy line images. I’m just going to torch mine