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Fraudulent Charges

Is anyone else getting fraudulent charges from Scented Pansy under the name vtsup*lindkullen? I’m a seller and it’s showing up on my bank account as a transaction. I posted this on the wall and I think Scented Pansy deleted my account!!

Wait whhhaaaaa??? Is your bank saying it’s fraud? I’ve heard of other users not being able to become premium because their banks think it’s suspicious :unamused: … what’s the bank saying?

I paid for another subscription and this is what it shows up as , I bought the 6 month plan with SP and I think it had a similar “title” but don’t remember . It’s supposed to be discreet and cashapp doesn’t seem to mind :blush:

Either it was your monthly membership fee or you purchased coins? Tag admin and they’ll read this sometime.

Hey there, @The_Silken_SweatShop so it looks like your account is still there and was logged into today, so I’m glad at least that’s not an issue that needs to be resolved!

As far as the charge, obviously without any more information it’s a little difficult to provide any definitive answer, but yes, that is what will show on your bank statement when you make purchases on SP through Verotel. Generally whether it looks like what you posted or what @DrippnTittyMilkCutie said depends on what the transaction was (buying coins, subscription, etc). Subscriptions renew automatically unless you cancel it and/or update your billing info.

If you still have questions, you can reach out to the site directly by submitting a support ticket or just emailing:

I renewed my premium last week and bought coins for the first time since early this year after some trouble before. On the same day, my bank blocked payments, internationally specifically it seems because my paypal got blocked aswell (never happened before) which created some trouble.

They also pointed at fraudulence, I was able to solve it with the bank easily after few days but I won’t be buying premium or coins again with the current payment provider. Having your bank digging in statements and asking questions is breaking the discreet comfort a buyer seeks.

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Unfortunately SP doesn’t have control over how banks and PayPal determine which charges to flag or not, and as a third party processor, Verotel does sometimes get flagged and require calling your bank. PayPal may also be a little more sensitive than some other banks when it comes to stuff like that :confused:

I had to pre-authorize through my CC company because they blocked the initial subscription charge. It’s the same company, if that reassures you at all - I think it might be a subscription or coin purchase.