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Followers lost from blocked_users bug

Anyone who lost followers from blocked user bug, please make a comment here so we can try to restore for you. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL OR USERNAME IN THE POST.

Me, because I unblocked them. My follower list is at zero this morning.

@Rod please help me to recover my followers

Followers restored! Thank you.

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I’m still missing followers as well

I am missing my followers

I lost all my followers.

It’s hard to know for sure since we can’t actually see follower count anymore but I’m pretty sure some of mine are still missing

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Followers lost! Please help

I lost all of mine because I went through and unblocked everyone, I didn’t realize I would lose them completely.
My username is juicyj5309 and email is

Soccer Mom

Thanks Admin, I appreciate you. :soccer::heart:

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User name is “leilabeauty”

:wave:t2: Me too please. :grin: