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Experimenting with new things

Morning all :wave:
So I’m new on here, and have so far found the experience of chatting with sellers to be amazing! I am so turned on by the thought of trying new things that I’ve been wet since the minute I came on this site! I’ve masturbated more in the last few days than I have in the last month!

What has excited you most since joining SP? Is there anything that you’ve tried that you didn’t ever imagine but then ended up loving it? :heart_eyes:


Bathroom content! It wasn’t really something I’d considered offering, until a buyer reached out asking if I did it. The way I see it, I’ll try anything once. If I don’t like it or get uncomfortable, I’ll be honest about it and either stop, or just not do it again. But now I’m still adding to my Bathroom Drive, and it’s pretty fun and oddly arousing to share something that intimate and dirty.

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I got started selling by influence of my husband. Since starting though, our sex life has reached new heights. We love making content (he is my camera man when I am solo) and it really has light the fire of sexuality for us. I think that this gives me the advantage of having a male perspective when it comes to content because he knows that guys will like and what they wont.
I will say that I have stepped outside of my comfort zone a few times and found that I liked it. I am eager to try new things and have new experiences!

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Hello and welcome !! Something that I tried here that I really found a new love for is Giantess Role Playing … it’s so much for me and goes perfectly with my persona … sticking little toys in my ass and being cute and wicked at the same time is so much fun… my imagination is big enough for that type of kinky play and it brings me a different level of satisfaction that I didn’t know I needed :sweat_smile:

I hope you enjoy this new endeavor and that you find a whole new passion along the way ; xoxo :kiss:

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