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Disputes: Process & Prevention

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It’s an icky feeling none of us want: an email from admin about an Order Dispute. Unfortunately in your panty journey, you may come across some scammers to report (this goes for buyers and sellers!), but sometimes we just mess up.

Use this guide to help prevent order disputes and/or account reporting, but if you’re past the point of prevention, this can also be here to help answer questions as to why a report was made.

  • Don’t be a time waster. This goes both ways! If you know you don’t have time to complete an order, say so up front! If you know you’re not ready to buy, don’t click that “request order” button! Having your first impression be disrespecting the other person’s time will only sour a potential buyer-seller relationship!

  • Don’t be a scammer! What does this mean? Simply: Scammers exist on the site to get as much money as possible out of as many users without actually following through on whatever was agreed upon.

    • It’s one thing to have life happen and have an order be delayed. Just let your people know what’s going on!
    • A seller becomes a scammer when they fail to be honest and up front with the buyer!
    • Avoid buyer scams by not providing any content or services without payment!
  • Accept that sometimes, refunds are necessary.

    • If you’re unable to fulfill an order, it’s your responsibility as a seller to do the right thing and refund the buyer. Whatever the amount, it’s not worth your reputation! Find yourself in a situation where you can’t refund immediately? Hey, we’ve all been there. Honesty is always the best policy here!

    • Unfortunately, SP doesn’t have the ability to authorize refunds on payments made through third parties, so we do highly recommend contacting the payment processor for a refund.

Unable to resolve this issue among yourselves? Here’s how you can start the dispute process:

  • In the Support Screen, enter the following details:

    • Order number –disputes cannot be processed without an order number!
    • Are you currently blocked from communicating with the user?
    • If yes, what is the date of last contact?
    • Send any supporting documents to prove your claim. i.e. screenshots of payment confirmation, delivery details, etc.

    Pro tip for buyers to avoid a dispute: Stick with Premium & Verified Sellers!

Shops without listings, no profile photo, incomplete profiles…these are all red flags - stay safe! Check out what else to look out for here!


  • A buyer entered a false Order Dispute, what are my options?
    This is one of the reasons we strongly recommend all users utilize the system already built in to the site!

    • Always require a listing being ordered through the site and try to keep as much conversation on-site as possible.
    • Using the SP ordering system enables us to offer your stronger support in the event that something goes wrong and you want to file a dispute.
    • Users trying to move off-site immediately to apps like “KIK” or “Whatsapp” have been generally known to be running scams! Learn more about known scams & scammers here!

    When an order is disputed, it is reviewed by the SP team. This review generally will involve reaching out to the other party. Help us help you and provide as much information as possible! Note: Account Suspension due to order disputes is possible at any time during the dispute process!

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