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Delivery of Coin Video

I sold my first two coin videos today, to the same buyer. He said that they “didn’t work” and I ended up having to email him a google drive link for each. I’m not sure if the videos didn’t play, or had an error message, or what.
Can anyone explain to me how this should look from the buyer’s side? How is the video sent to them? Or does it just play for them on the SP site?

My videos uploaded when I listed them, so I don’t think I did anything wrong in the listing-- but I’m trying to figure out how to avoid this in the future. I was available today and able to send the links right away, but if I’m not around next time that will be a bummer for the next purchaser.

Thanks for any help or insight!

I also have had a similar issues like this. Commenting to see what is said because I have two open tickets for this exact reason, and one 1 star review over it.

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We’re checking on this ASAP

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I’m not able to see when I buy from a seller still. I told Rod but he didn’t know how to fix it