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Can’t tell what was “liked”

Maybe I’m missing it, but when someone “likes” a photo or a post I’ve made, I click on the notification and all my posts come up… so I’m not able to see specifically what posts they just liked. I think it would help us get an idea of what our friends are into or like seeing from us. :slightly_smiling_face: because, honestly, what’s the point of the like feature then?


Seriously. Its a pain to try and figure out which one is the new “like”.

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Click on what they commented on, not the comment itself. It should show beneath then

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Thank you for your comment! But I’m referring to “likes” not comments. :white_heart:

When someone “likes” something on my page, a listing for example, at the top of the page when I touch the notification button showing one notification “Zoey liked your listing dual wear with sweetdee63 “ will show at the very top of the page telling you what was liked. If you need a screen record hit me up and I can show you.

Right, of course. I’m referring to when you get a notification that says “this person has liked your status”, and you click on the hyperlinked status, and it just brings you to all of your statuses instead of the specific one that was liked.

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