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Blocking - How it Works

Hey everyone, so here’s the most recent blocking update, and I did just test this out so it should be good to go for everyone!

When you block someone, it removes ALL of their content from your view. You will not be able to see their posts/listings nor will they appear in the online users or in a search for that user.
They will not be able to see you either though, including your content/profile and you shouldntbe showing in their online users/browse members either.

This does remove the option to block people who have blocked you, but I don’t think that would be needed anymore since blocking will now 100% block both ways. Please lmk if you are having issues with blocking/blocked users!


You rock. Thanks!!!

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I know this is an old post but I’m only just seeing it lol
I noticed a while ago, maybe a few months ago, there is a buyer who has me blocked.
I’m not really sure why, because I’ve never actually spoken or interacted with them at all. Maybe it’s a glitch or maybe he actually did block me for some reason. I’m fine with it, whatever.
But he shows up for me in the online users, and I clicked on his profile and it says he blocked me.
But I can see when he’s online. It’s not a big deal to me, like I said, I’ve never interacted with him, but idk if maybe he can also see me, and that might be a problem if he doesn’t want to see me. Or maybe others have a similar problem with seeing people who have them blocked or that they’ve blocked. :woman_shrugging:t3:

You can still see when the person that has blocked you is online, but I believe that’s really the extent of the activity that you should see. I have users I’ve blocked, but I can still see then in the little box on online users.

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Ok. yeah it doesn’t bother me, at least in this instance. But just noticed this post said it shouldn’t be happening so i was bringing it up in case maybe it’s just something admin wasn’t aware of.


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maybe that one will be included in the :sparkles:next update :sparkles:


So I have a user blocked but can definitely still see when they’re online. Can they for sure not see me?

They’ll be able to see you in the “online users”, but they won’t have access to your profile

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