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Account Suspension/Violations

Why have I been suspended?

The #1 reason that users get suspended on SP is simply for using banned words or phrases. We have these phrases banned in order to protect new buyers and sellers. The most frequent word we see is “Kik” and any variation of it. While we support “Kik” and their willingness to allow pornographic content on their platform. We’ve been forced to do this because scammers have targeted new users in the past by luring them offsite onto “Kik” with frequent promises of “Sugar Daddy” relationships. Conversely, we’ve seen fake sellers try to lure innocent buyers onto there to scam them there without us being able to verify anything.

This is why we heavily encourage buyers and sellers to insist upon using Order numbers. SP does not profit from individual sales, but by creating official Orders it does help us to keep the site safe and clean for all to play :slight_smile: