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Account Questions

Incognito Mode

Incognito mode is a premium buyer feature that allows buyers to prevent new DMs while browsing SP.

Any previous communications on inbox and chat will still be open. As well, any new orders made will also open communication.

In other words, this feature disallows new sellers from directly messaging the buyer using incognito mode.

What is Top Shop?

Top Shop is a feature to designate certain listings to the top of your shop page. If you hit the TopShop button, it will move that particular listing to the top of the shop page. You can choose 3 listings for this designation and you can always Un-TopShop the listing when you wish.

Inactivity policy for buyers

Buyer accounts are free on SP with one caveat:

  • buyer must have an order from seller in sold status within a 1 month timeframe OR make a coins purchase *

If no orders have been completed within a 1 month timeframe OR no coins are purchased, the account will go into ‘inactive’ status which will require a subscription or coins purchase to reactivate active status. If buyer completes at least 1 order per month, a subscription is no longer necessary and may be canceled to enjoy free membership.

Alternatively, if a buyer chooses, he or she may become a premium member and avoid the inactivity period completely.

After 10 completed orders, buyer is exempt from this policy.

How to change email address or username on my account?

You can now update this in your Account page.

I was asked to upgrade to premium again when I logged in today.

Your recurring subscription may have been canceled by our system because of a failed/declined payment. Sometimes US banks will mistakenly trigger declines when receiving a request from a foreign bank (our payment processor is Verotel - based in the Netherlands). You may try calling your bank directly to ensure that the payment can be authorized from Verotel/SP. Then try again to upgrade via your SP settings page.

I get declined when trying to upgrade to premium.

The most common reason for decline is from a block by your local bank. Since we use Verotel, from the Netherlands, as payment processor, often times US/Canadian banks have blocks for foreign countries. Try contacting your bank about the transaction and try upgrading again.