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Scammers, timewasters, catfishers. There are many names and methods of persons with ill-intent. Let’s discuss the best ways to manage the issue and reduce the risk for our community.

I’ve noticed that many of these accounts are in the form of a “seller” vs a “buyer” ; I’m not familiar with how a buyer account is setup but they’re using the seller profile to try and stay on the DL - not sure if they’re bots or people … there are some sellers who buy too so it can be confusing…

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I think one of the best ways to work toward scammer/time-waster prevention is to identify what constitutes a TW/scammer and someone who is simply not interested. I’ve gotten into full-blown arguments with other sellers when they’ve unfairly labeled a buyer as a TW when in all reality, they just weren’t interested in the product. To me, a TW/scammer is:

  • A buyer who discusses details of a transactions (often lengthy), sets up payment, fails to pay.

  • A buyer who asks to “see” the product outside of its advertised listing to “make sure it’s good” (understand a buyer trying to get free wank)

  • A buyer who pays and then rescinds the payment immediately or during the making of product

  • A buyer whom blocks in the midst of a transaction, before delivery of services, or while “getting their payment ready”

This is just a super small list. On the opposite, a TW/scammer is NOT:

  • Someone who frequently views your profile but doesn’t reach out/order

  • Someone who doesn’t respond or declines your cold message

  • Someone who messaged you for non-sexual conversation (in which you have every right to explain you would prefer not to chat unless there is a transaction taking place as you are running a business)

  • Someone who does not want to purchase from you after asking more details about what you offer/can provide


@KMK Great description and detail of the TW here.

I think there is a distinction, too, to be made about what we mean by Scammer, specifically, that is NOT in the timewaster subset. Here are some examples:

  • Any user (buyer AND seller account) that immediately tries to go to KIK or offsite chat to run their scam - usually promising ‘allowance’ or ‘sugar daddy’ support. (this has been our biggest challenge lately)
  • Any user that makes claims to send money AFTER you first send money to them.
  • Any seller account that ghosts or ceases contact after payment is made.
  • Any buyer account that rescinds payment after the order is received.

Mostly we are talking about people signing up on SP with the primary intent to defraud.